Senedesk IT Help Desk / Service Desk

Senedesk is our flagship product, providing one of the most well rounded and cost effective IT Help Desk / Asset tracking solutions on the market. With so many complimentary / competing standards (ITIL, COBIT, PRINCE2, Sigma Six, BS15000, CMMI) it can be difficult to choose a help desk product to suit your needs. You need a product that simply "works", written by IT people, for IT people. Our IT solutions help streamline your organization business IT support with a simple yet powerful and intuitive HDI (Help Desk Interface). Not only is Senedesk 100% web based, Senedesk is much more than just a help desk solution and includes multitude of features outlined below. Your tech team can use Senedesk on the go because it's web interface can be accessed from a multitude of mobile devices including iPads.



March 2011 special pricing in effect! Order Senedesk during the month of March 2011 and receive an additional 30% discount!


Here is a brief summary of the functionality included in Senedesk V2.1:

  • Asset tracking (Serial numbers, user, location, software)
  • Vendor Information (Sales, Service, contact information)
  • Service Requests / Trouble Tickets  (Ticket queuing, Automatic emailing, Powerful searching and analysis).
  • Parts Inventory (In-stock, ordering, deployment)
  • RFQ module. Send RFQs to vendors who then get ranked by price (without divulging prices). Vendors have the ability to edit their RFQ until it closes. All vendors are emailed new rankings each time an RFQ is edited, allowing you to save money by forcing vendors to compete and trim their prices. This module alone could easily save you more than the licensing cost of Senedesk.
  • Database Upload: Senedesk has the ability to let you update your system assets via bulk upload in a delimited text.
  • Track standalone devices such as network switches, network printers, routers, wireless equipment etc...
  • Ticket Approvals: If you define an approval email address for a given location all tickets entered by users for that location go into an "Awaiting Approval" state and an automatic email is dispatched requesting approval.
  • Dashboard: Senedesk's main menu includes a dashboard matrix giving you an instant view of open tickets by queue and their age.

Upcoming features currently in the works for Senedesk 2.2

  • Recurring tickets for scheduled maintenance.

Upcoming features scheduled for Senedesk 2.3

  • PDA Module

Our pricing is very aggressive and as such we won't post it publically. Please take the time to email our sales department to request pricing and a free 30 day demo account. Our sales email address can be found by clicking on the "Contact Us" menu in the top right corner of this screen. Education and government institutions receive deep discounts so be sure to mention it if you fall into this category.


Senedesk IT Help Desk / Service Desk / Asset management solution is feature rich and cannot be described simply in words. Please click the link below for a video demonstration of Senedesk's capabilities.


Click here to watch our demo of Senedesk V 2.1


Senesoft, A Different Kind of Company

You've seen the features, the video demo, and if you've taken the time to request a quote, you've seen that our pricing destroys the competition. So what else can we tell you to convince you that Senesoft is the company you want as your long term help desk solution provider? What separates Senesoft as a company from the competition?

Well, unlike many companies these days, we don't let greed drive our business model. We believe in an honest profit for what we provide. Contrary to the constant price hikes other companies announce every year, we'll make the opposite committment to our customers. As our customer base grows, we will reduce our yearly subscription rates for all customers. Our software development costs the same amount to develop whether we sell it to one organization or ten thousand. So the more volume we sell, the more saving's will committ to pass on to our loyal customers. Try and get that kind of committment from our competitors!


We look forward to your business.



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