Senedesk IT asset management system

Senedesk version 2.1 is here! Senedesk is 100% web based and allows IT staff and managers to both track and support the computer systems in their organization.  Senedesk is our flagship product, for more information please click here.


Quick Multi-Translator

Quick Multi-Translator t is in an alpha state and was produced in only an hour or so simply because we needed a quick way to translate to multiple languages simultaneously. We know that languages with symbols (such as russian, chinese, greek) etc currently only show up as ???. But even in it's current state we wanted to make an alpha release because it still translates to multiple languages and is a big time saver. If you like this free multi-translator, feel free to provide a link to this page from your site ( You'll help us improve our page rank with the link. We'll continue to work on the translator to improve it. If you have suggestions, feel free to provide your feedback.


To use the multi-translator, click here